What It's About

Transformers School Clubs are hubs for teenagers to transform society through personal development, community engagement and mobilization.

As members of the Club, teens undertake community development and mobilization campaigns. From choosing campaigns to organizing and executing the projects, Transformers build relationships, help communities to self-empower, improve their skills and develop a passion for civic participation and social change.

How It Works

Half of Africa’s population are under the age of 25. The future of Africa needs a generation of African teenagers that are critical thinkers, problem solvers and are passionate about social change. Transformers School Clubs support the leaders of tomorrow by helping them become the leaders of today.

“Transformers” develop themselves by participating in community building projects, leadership development, mentoring, networking and taking action on social causes they care about.

Where To Find One

Currently, Transformers School Clubs are in three schools in Lagos and Ogun state, Nigeria; Murtala Mohammed Airport School, Grange Secondary School and Corona Secondary School. These schools served as our pilots for the Club, and are now a thriving success.

If a Transformers Club is not available in your school and would like to have one started, contact us by sending an email to transformers@unveilingafrica.org with the subject “Start A New Club”. Alternatively, post a note to us on twitter (@unveilingafrica) or Facebook.