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October 12, 2015
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November 18, 2015

And we celebrate Global Hand washing Day!

Today is #Global Hand washing Day, an advocacy day set aside to draw awareness to the health benefits of hand washing particularly with soap! This year’s theme is “Raise a hand for hygiene”. Hand washing with soap is a “do-it-yourself” vaccine that prevents infections and saves lives.

world handwashing day

Globally, an estimated 3.5 million children die yearly due to diarrhea and respiratory diseases while 190,000 Nigerian children die of diarrhea; these illnesses and deaths can be prevented through the simple act of proper hand washing which eliminates disease spreading germs. In my opinion, this advocacy is very timely even as we battle with Ebola in most African countries and are encouraged to wash our hands as often as we can.

I’d be sharing the 7 Steps to Hand washing today because I know almost everyone is guilty of not washing hands till they’re germ-free!

7 steps to handwashing

1) Rub palm together.

2)Rub the back of both hands.

3)Interlace fingers and rub hands together.

4)Interlock fingers and rub the back of fingers of both hands.

5)Rub thumb in a rotating manner followed by the area between index finger and thumb for both hands.

6)Rub finger tips on palm for both hands.

7)Rub both wrists in a rotating manner.

world handwashing day 2

Let’s put this to practice whilst encouraging children, family members, friends, students and everyone to fight germs by thorough hand washing with soap!

Raise a hand for hygiene #GlobalHandwashingDay