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August 20, 2015
And we celebrate Global Hand washing Day!
October 15, 2015

Happy Day of the Girl 2015!


On International Day of the Girl, girls all over world are celebrated annually on October 11 so I suppose this post is not very late. The theme for this year’s Day of the Girl celebration is ”The Power of the adolescent girl”You would agree with me on the fact that in many Third World countries like Nigeria, the girl child has a lot of battles to fight and win. Sometime in August at a volunteer training, I was opportune to meet with an Indian woman, Nandita who runs an not-for-profit organisation and had just come to Nigeria for the first time. In a chat with her, she pointed the many similarities Nigeria and India have in common as regards Education and the challenges facing the Girl child. She spoke on how many girls in India are not allowed to go to school instead are under pressure to get married, the boys in India on the other hand are the ones who get the best meals, clothes and go to school. Filled with shock, I tell her that is exactly how it is in most parts of Nigeria especially the Northern Nigeria; how young girls meant to be in schools learning are kept at home to do all the domestic work and wait for marriage, how many people have the mentality that girls have a ‘calling’ in the kitchen and not for learning, how many people do not take cognizance of the dangers ahead that lay wait for these girls because they lack education.

Most of the time girl children are even like an abomination. You hear of many cases about men who threaten their wives and make life difficult for them. Why? Because she has brought forth 6 girls and there is no boy! What makes them think these girls if well-loved, appreciated and trained cannot do thrice what the boy(s) would have done. This is not to happen, every child whether girl or boy is to be showered with much love, care and appreciation. As I write, our Chibok girls have been gone for 546 days; we should continue to raise a voice for them to #BringBackOurGirls!!

DAY 546

DAY 546

The Girl child is beautiful. The Girl child is strong. The Girl child possesses wisdom. The Girl child is filled to overflowing with so much potential. The Girl child is empowered to love, bring forth and nurture. Girls are created to effect change wherever they find themselves. Girls have dreams to fulfill too. Girls are created to put 1+1 together and it equals 2. Girls are mothers, cooks, presidents, governors, professors, school administrators, lawyers, doctors, ministers, first ladies, actresses, teachers, designers, business women…the list is endless! Girls are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G and are to be loved not hurt, educated not assaulted and appreciated not insulted. Join Unveiling Africa foundation and show some love and appreciation in little ways you can, you never know how big little things can become.

day of da gal

Happy International Day of the Girl 2015! #GirlNotBride #GirlPower #DayoftheGirl2015