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August 12, 2015
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August 20, 2015

Know your Genotype!

Days of Change is focused on driving learning and raising awareness about social issues. That what we did yesterday as Nigerian youths were tasked to learn and raise awareness about sickle cell disease in Nigeria. Specifically participants were asked to check their genotype and understand the implication of what their genotype means.

We were not short of entries as more than  20 Nigerian youths participated to raise awareness about sickle cell disease and what the challenges of the victims. Abraham Daniel learned a lot about his particular type of genotype.

“On the course of my research,i learnt that some of the individuals with AA are heterozygous and that they have advantage of being more resistant to malaria while the others are somehow prone to malaria”

Adannaya Durueke also shared what she learned about sickle cell disease.

“If your Genotype is AS (SICKLE CELL CARRIER), you have no business (sexual relationship) with anybody with AS as you have the chances of giving birth to a Sickler (SS). Genotype SS (sickler) should never go close to anybody with SS for any sexual relationship, it’s an abomination”

There were several other entries uploaded and shared on the academy and social media. Find attached some of the awesome pictures: