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August 11, 2015
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August 13, 2015

The Unsung Hero

Who is an unsung hero? UVA describes an unsung hero as a person who is dedicated to cause, organisation or a job even though he/she gets little or no appreciation. These people are the building blocks of organisations, work places and even the nation. These people could be police officers, military men, security guards or cleaners. Participants were tasked on the 3rd day to celebrate and appreciate the unsung heroes in their homes and communities.

Just as the previous days, we had interesting entries flowing in. Joseph Ileh from Auchi Poly decided to celebrate a student who works as cleaner in his school to sponsor himself through school. Adanna Durueke and Tochukwu Elusie shared a drink with a promising military officer.

However it was not all about the gifts, participants also discussed and gain insights on the lives of these unsung heroes. Maryam Gambo explained in her interview with a public school teacher how public servants aren’t paid well enough:

“…public servant today, most especially as a teacher,we face a lot of challenges.we are not recognised in Nigeria.Secondly,we don’t get paid well,in the sense that,we work really hard to disperse knowledge to the little ones and yet don’t get paid well”- Mrs Orji

Taylor Hathaway celebrated a female LAWMA official and got these insights:

“The woman I interviewed told me about her schedule and how they have to work in the sun and adapt to the dust. With all the work they do all day they are getting really underpaid I mean they sweep up the roads and pick up our own trash they are under appreciated in the society”

All together, it was an intriguing day full of appreciation and insights. You can see the awesome pictures below. Thank you to all those who participated.


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