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April 2, 2015
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April 17, 2015

“I am, We Are” …

Coming up this may, is our annual community outreach and empowerment event. UVA teenagers from different secondary schools reach out to other teenagers in impoverished communities to plan, think and solve a problem in the community. This event seeks to empower teenagers in poor communities to take action for themselves, rather than wait and depend on the government or anyone else to solve their problems.

It was in this spirit that Corona Secondary Students in 2014, reached out to Adeoye community school students. Together they decided to restore one of the buildings in the Adeoye community. Funds were raised to buy paints and painting equipments; after-which there was a fun day of learning, bonding and most importantly painting.

Volunteer Painting  108_0025

Murtala Mohammed Airport School students also got in on the action last year with their own “I am, we are event”. They reached out to students in St. Joseph Secondary School, where decided to embark on a sanitation and beautification exercise. Students of both schos came together to plan and raise funds for the necessary materials needed for the event. The day was filled with beauty laughter and great sensitization on the benefits of sanitation.


This year, UVA has gotten three schools involved in the “I am, we are” empowerment event. The schools are Corona Secondary School, Murtala Mohammed Secondary School and Supreme Education Foundation (SEF) Schools. We are all excited about the event and look forward to what is surely goingto be an exciting and impactful event.

Feel free to contact us via email or phone +2349093930198 if you want to contribute or what to be involved in this program.