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August 11, 2014
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October 8, 2014

Meet the Three Entrepreneurs

Hello people, I have the utmost pleasure of introducing the entrepreneurs of the week: Fiyinfoluwa, Emmanuella and Ada. These are three enterprising kids that will give Dangote a run for his money any day. I stepped out of the office to buy airtime units, when I heard the energetic sales pitch “come and buy your bracelets…buy your bracelets here…”. I turned around to see three little girls and their improvised sales shop. In front of them was a stool and on it were different sample of the products on sale.

photo 3

I thought to myself, three little kids enjoying the

day with a cute game of an imaginary business-boy, was I wrong. As soon as I reached out to have a look at one the beads, “Hundred Naira!” screamed Fiyinfoluwa, the youngest one. “Oh really? How about that one” I asked pointing to another one of the merchandise. “That one is on fifty Naira” Ada responded, with a wide cute smile showing two missing front teeth –obviously proud of her missing teeth or the merchandise. I pointed back at the first one and said “I’ll pay thirty Naira for this one”. Emmanuella, who was the diplomat, bargained wisely “pay fifty Naira”. Fiyinfoluwa obviously didn’t like this as she was frowning at the diplomat. I paid the money and was handed a bead bracelet. It was such a pleasure to see the joy on their faces at making a sale (Except for Fiyinfoluwa, who definitely thought they could have gotten a better deal).

photo 5

I was so curious about these energetic entrepreneurs, and wanted to know more about them. Ada, the happy one is in primary two and hopes to one day be a banker or a doctor. Emmanuella is also in primary two and aspires to be a bead maker and seller. Fiyinfoluwa, the no-nonsense lady is in kindergarten and hasn’t decided what she wants to be yet- whatever it is, she definitely won’t be a push-over.
A lot can be learned from these three wonderful kids. They showed no fear and no compromise, they sought out to sell beads and that’s exactly what they did. We all need to look back at our past and remember, that exciting curiosity with which we viewed the world. We need to combine child-like wonder and enthusiasm with lessons from experiences when chasing our dreams.