What Are You Waiting For?
July 28, 2014
Day 1: Show Love for Nigeria
August 2, 2014

UVA’s #DaysOfChange is Almost Here !!!

#DaysOfChange campaign is almost here!!! Here is a quick breakdown of the fun challenges participants will partake in. To be fully prepared for the campaign, you need 4 essential tools:

  • A Camera (It could be that of a phone or any other device).
  • Internet connection
  • Facebook and Twitter Account: Don’t have one? Visit Facebook and Twitter to sign up for free.
  • Can-Do Spirit!!!


Day 1: Show love for Nigeria

Share 5 things you love about Nigeria on social media (Twitter or Facebook)

Day 2: Appreciate your parents

Share the awesome things your parents do for you on social media.
Write an appreciation letter or make an appreciation gift for your parents.
Make your parents/guardian breakfast, lunch or dinner and eat as a family

Day 3: Each One, Teach One

Donate a book. (To a friend, Church, neighbor, brother,)
Share your talent: teach a kid or children something new
Read a book

Day 4: Take care of your health

Skip sugar intake in all drinks throughout the day: 
Take only water in place of those drinks and quantify how much sugar intake you avoided and share that on social media.
Eat healthier today; show us how you made one of your meals for the day healthier.
With friends, do your favorite sport or something health wise like skipping, jogging, dancing, playing soccer, etc

Day 5: Take care of the Environment

With your friends pick no less than 20 bottles that can be recycled, package them neatly outside the trashcan and take a picture.
Take a picture of somewhere in your community that needs to be beautified.

Day 6: Invest in yourself and your future

Make something you can sell for money – if is an idea – write it down.
Contact a mentor or an organization to help you with your ideas

Day 7: Help an organization

Volunteer for your favorite non-profit.
Promote the awesome work of your favorite non-profit on social media.

Grand Finale (Optional)

Talent Show
Presentation of Awards
Talk show

Remember to tag the unveilingafricafoundation and @unveilingafrica when you upload a picture, post or tweet on Facebook and Twitter. All the Best!!!