Since 2010, UVA has hosted more than 1,000 teenagers across 30 secondary schools in Nigeria at these conferences. UVA’s annual teenager’s conference engages teenagers on current societal issues, the role they play in nation building and provide them with the skills/knowledge they require to contribute to nation building.

UVA’s conferences are guided by UVA’s nation building roles – Academic Excellence, Leadership, Excellence in Social Interaction, Community Service and Career Development, with breakout sessions targeted at these core areas.

In 2011, a group of students from Yaba College of Technology Secondary School Lagos were inspired and challenged by the conference that they went on to raise N2.2 million (approximately $20,000) to buy a bus for physically challenged youth.

In the same year, UVA trained 67 teenagers to plan and direct their own conference. The teenagers served in key roles such as the keynote speaker, emcees, plenary session speakers and talent show host amongst others. Inspired by the energy at this event, UVA’s Street Teenager mentee that was invited to showcase his talents alongside other teens decided to leave the streets and found an internship for himself in a salon.