Our Approach


We recognise that problems cannot be solved from the same mindset that created them and that social transformation requires individual change.

Therefore, our programming is aimed at facilitating the enhancement and development of teenagers minds, enabling them to become empowered agents of collective transformation.


UVA is committed to developing teenagers and youth who possess and exhibit Passion, Knowledge, Innovation, Self Awareness, Confidence, Tolerance, Open-mindedness, Initiative, Teamwork, and Critical and Creative Thinking. 

Simple put, UVA will prepare teenagers and youth to be world changers who will literally transform society.

The Transformers Approach

UVA has developed the Transformers Approach which represent key areas we believe young people should simultaneously excel in during their teenage years and beyond. Competence in these areas plus the UVA entrepreneurial mindset serve as a foundation for young people to transform their society in an ongoing way and acquire a lifestyle of social change. Various UVA programs target each of these competence area.

Personal Leadership

We encourage youth to embrace opportunities to lead as well as follow while always recognizing an ultimate responsibility to society

Community Activism

Our young citizens need to become community conscious and understand their relationship with and responsibility to their society.

Excellence in Education

Educated citizens are powerful citizens. We believe that young citizens should be profound learners with the capacity rise to and meet the challenges of leadership.

Excellence in Social Interaction

Today’s African youth need to understand their capacity to construct and influence societal norms, values, and attitudes. 

Disposition & Skills

Being able to transform society is more than a "point in time affair". It requires a lifestyle and a disposition that enables ongoing contribution to social change. The following include the disposition and skills UVA programs nurture and impart in teenagers to enable a lifestyle of social change and commitment to nation building.

Passion for Social Change

Teenagers are encouraged to pursue social change on a platform that foregrounds their passion. This way creating change is exciting, challenging and sustainable

Problem Solving

Teenagers are encouraged to aspire beyond just identifying issues in society but more towards formulating questions for research and action.

Creative Thinking

UVA Transformers are able to create solutions by thinking outside the box, incorporating technology, and engaging with experts in their field of interest.

Critical Thinking

Our youth are exposed to social issues and are encouraged to identify the role they play in solving social problems. They are guided to think critically by identifying causes, facts about the issues, delineating assumptions, and threading out possible solutions based on evidence.