What is Days of Change?

Days of Change is your opportunity to sharpen your skills as a Teen Changemaker while creating change in your family and community. Each day you will receive a new challenge on a new cause. We’ll send you a challenge (in a text, Facebook and on this site) at 10am every morning from August 2 to August 8.

When does Days of Change start?

The challenges start on Saturday, August 2 at 10am sharp.

Do I have to do it with friends?

No, you can complete it yourself. But the more the merrier. Completing the challenges with other friends might be more exciting. There are some challenges that you will have to complete by yourself while some others we invite you to do with your friends. Perhaps you can form a team of friends who you will be completing this challenge with. We are sure your friends from school, mosque, church and even your street will be happy to join you.

Do I have to participate in each challenge? What if I miss a day?

Once a challenge is open, you can complete it at any point during the seven days! That way if you missed a day, you can go back and do it later. Just remember to upload your pictures on Facebook by August 9.

How do I qualify for the scholarship?

Each day that you submit a picture of the challenge you completed gets you a ticket into the scholarship pool. That means you have seven chances to win if you complete all seven challenges. At the end of the week, we will randomly select a winner from that pool. We’ll announce the winner on August 18th, 2014.

How do I know what the challenges are?

There are three ways to find out about the challenges: 1. This website will be updated every day of Days of Change to reveal that day’s challenge. 2. We will announce the challenge of the day on Facebook and Twitter. 3. If you haven’t already signed up with your mobile number, text xyxz to get the challenges from us via text message.

How will I know if I won the scholarship?

We’ll contact you directly via phone and email by August 15.

What if I still have a question?

We’ve got answers. Email us at info@unveilingafrica.org