Our Story


Unveiling Africa was founded in 2006 at the University of Alberta by students who felt compelled by the socio-economic reality in Africa.

The organization was first intended as a platform to promote, debate and dialogue around global issues and specifically Africa-related concerns among Africans in the Diaspora.

Progressively, UVA moved beyond a place for conversation and started building tools and resources to take action for social change, initially focusing on teenagers in Lagos, Nigeria.

Since inception, UVA has impacted more than 3000 lives and contributed over $30,000 to numerous causes in Africa.

In Nigeria, UVA has worked with and developed over 2000 teenagers through various community service and leadership initiatives.

Our Vision

Our vision is simply to transform Africa through its youth

To create sustainable social change in Africa, the continent needs a lot of committed citizens with the passion, mindset and skills to drive development. Over half the population of Africa is under the age of 18 and the future of the continent is in their hands.

Our Mission

Our mission to engage African teenagers by Transforming their educational experience, nurturing their awareness and equipping them with the skills to foster sustainable social change.

Core Values

The principles we stand on


Differences are awesome and should be celebrated. We collaborate with people of all backgrounds. Our collective strength is in our unity.


We know and do what is right. We are propelled by a bigger purpose which is to leave every community we interact with better than we met it.


We stand out in the crowd. We are critical in our thinking and creative in our actions.


We are relentless, strategic, committed, and prudent risk takers. We love a good challenge.


We have a large zeal for life and apply it all that we do.


What our supporters say about us
  • In a society where it seems the youths are losing any hope of older generation, upholding values and patriotism, this is a welcome relief. It is very refreshing to see the tenacity of Chizoba Imoka, her team and the numerous lives she is influencing. With a handful of women like Chizoba, there is much hope for the future of the Nigerian youth and it’s influence on the rest of the continent.

    Dr. Ogene Adoh

    Director, Elara Study Centre
  • These days I think about the big picture, the impact I could have on the society at large, and not so much about just myself. Learnt to put work into worthy causes, even without recognition or support.

    Chidi Amokoh

  • I gained a lot of practical knowledge and professional experience in management issues. UVA gave me the chance to play an active role in organizing the TIP contest and Soup Kitchen. Hence, I understood the value of making good decisions when required. However, the opportunity to participate in community activism is my most important gain from UVA. It increased my awareness on national issues and problems.

    Emeka Mbakalu

    First Year Student, New York University
  • UVA has provided a trusted springboard for me and my businesses to give back to the community. Every program and cause they undertake resonates with our initiatives for “making a difference”. UVA equips teenagers with all they need to be change agents in transforming our economy. I wish I were exposed to this opportunity for learning while growing up. I however have promised myself that my kids will start participating in UVA activities from now, no matter their age. What UVA teaches I believe is a requirement for every child.

    Olarenwaju Oniyitan

    CEO W-Holistic Business

Our Network

Unveiling Africa is grateful to our supporters and contributors without whom we could not provide transformative experiences for teenagers and youth.