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August 3, 2015
The labour of our heroes past…
August 11, 2015

The Root is as important as the Tree

“This was exciting I got to know so many things about my family history like am descended from the chief of my village”-  Zainab Hassan

Days of Change campaign kicked off with an intriguing and engaging task for participants. Participants were challenged to learn about their origin, family, history and cultural heritage. Through interviews, Nigerian youths engaged with their family members on their family history and origin. Participants were used the following guiding questions to gather information to create a family tree:

  1. What is the meaning of my family name?
  2. What is my creation story?
  3. Which gods did my ancestors worship?
  4. How old is my ethnic group?
  5. What language did my ancestors speak?

We received awesome submissions, as participants got creative and reflective about this self-developing task. There were interesting excerpts from intriguing stories like that of Amarachi Ehirim  who said that “during the slave trade, my great grand mother would tie all her children to a rope connecting each one so that, if they come to take away her children away for slavery,s he would know”.  There were others like Adanna Durueke who discovered a that she had another ethnic group in her lineage “…haha did you know am an hausa girl, my origin story started from Zaria!!! No wonder am so interested in learning hausa language, and sometimes people say it so sure that am not an igbo girl….Now It dawns on me that knowing your history defines a lot about me”. Below are some of the creative family trees we received:

The importance of knowing where you are coming from cannot be underestimated. We are glad that participants were able to connect with their family, relatives and past.

Today we explore Nigeria’s independence history and honor the brave men and women who have fought hard for the sovereignty of our nation.  Continue to the academy to view the particular tasks for the day.