Days Of Change 2015: Developing Cultural and National Awareness Among Nigerian Youth
July 12, 2015
Owambe Open Market
August 1, 2015

Exploring your identity, origin and history

We are all unique individuals with our own special personalities, likes, dislikes, interests and ambitions. But this individuality did not simply appear out of thin air. As Alan Watts said “nature abhors a vacuum”. Nothing is ever created in a vacuum, there is always a connection, an origin. So of course each and every one of us owe our unique personalities to an origin.

On the first day of Days of Change we will be exploring these unique origins. We want you to explore and wonder about how the lives of your parents, grandparents, and even great grandparents were like. You will be surprised at the obvious differences and be more amazed at the glaring similarities.

All you have to do for that day is to create a family tree. Talk to your parents, relatives surviving parents about your family history, stories and origin. Some guiding questions could be:

1. What is the meaning of my family name?
2. Which gods did my ancestors worship?
3. How old is my ethnic group?
4. What language did my ancestors speak?
5. What happened when the British Colonized.

You can complete this task using Microsoft Excel, Microsoft word (After which you upload) or you can just go old fashion using a cardboard and markers, take a picture of the completed work and upload.
Before we can transform the country as change makers we must transform ourselves. The only way to transform ourselves, is to know ourselves completely. Participate and discover your history and identity.

Sample Family Tree

Sample Family Tree