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May 27, 2015
Days Of Change 2015: Developing Cultural and National Awareness Among Nigerian Youth
July 12, 2015

Days of Change 2015: Developing Your Cultural and National Identity


“What makes you Nigerian?” This seemingly simple question attracts a lot of responses from different citizens of Nigeria. Our experiences are different and unique which adds more color to the diverse melting pot that is Nigeria. However, these uniqueness are ignored in the nation building process of our country.

In a bid to exhibit these uniqueness, Unveiling Africa presents it’s second edition of Days of Change which is themed “…because I am Nigerian”. This year, daily tasks and challenges will be centered around indigenous cultures, history and nationality. Guided by valuable and interesting online materials and resources on an online academy, Nigerian youths from around world will engage in 7 meaningful actions which will enable them grow in cultural, national and self awareness as well as gain valuable community service. There will be 7 days of edutainment and active engagement:

Day-1-Cultural HeritageOur cultural heritage is being undermined in every aspects of the nation, from political decisions to the curriculum taught in classrooms. This day is aimed at putting the spotlight on our cultural and historical heritage. Through fun research and interviews, youths explore their origin, culture and history. At the end of the day, participating youths will submit a family tree spanning 4 generations.

Day-2-Political-HisoryNigeria is an independent sovereign state. It is important to acknowledge and understand the struggle which granted us this valuable independence. Great mean and women were behind the struggle to grant Nigeria the power to make decisions about the affairs of her people. Youths on this day will be tasked to create a timeline of any two Nigerian nationalists.

Day-3--Public-AppreciationPublic Servants are the faceless people who are responsible for the running and management of the different processes and systems in Nigeria. Public servants are people too, with personalities and dreams. It is important for us all to learn about these public servants and their different roles as well as appreciate them. On this day participating youths will be tasked to share a gift with a public servants near them.

“Health is wealth”. In order to create lasting change, change makers have to be healthy. So it is important to also be self aware about your health conditions and status. This day is focused on raising awareness on sickle cell. Participating youths will get to learn about the health condition, how to manage it and how to help those who already have it. Youths will be tasked to check their blood type.

Day-5-EntrepreneurshipGlobally, Nigerians are known for their hard work, entrepreneurial spirit and hustle mentality. This is a great character and mindset to have. This day seeks to further build and develop the skills of youths in Nigeria. Participating youths will be required to create a business plan around an idea that could be sold for money.

Day-6-Community-ActionBoko Haram has claimed more than 4000 lives since it began its insurgency in 2009. The extremist group is also directly or indirectly responsible for an estimated 1.5 million people

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losing their homes and livelihoods. Internally displaced camp have been set up in different parts of the country to cater for these victims; these camps are over-crowded and under equipped. On this day, participating youth will be tasked to walk and raise funds for Boko Haram Victims.

Days of Change will be concluded on the final day with a youth conference. All participating youths, interested parents and teachers are invited to join us in the celebration of youth potential and leadership. This will involve exciting performances, interactive discussions and a yard sale.

We look forward to your participation in this educating and fun campaign. You can check out how last year’s Days of Change went here: Days of Change 2014