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April 1, 2015
“I am, We Are” …
April 16, 2015

The election and the voters: Now and the Future – David Lewis

The Elections and the Voters- Now and in the Future A turning point in history; finally the PDP (People’s Democratic Party) has been swept away by the metaphorical ‘broom’ of the APC (All Progressive Congress). This change begs several questions; what does that mean? Where are we headed? We would certainly see, but for now all we hope for is ‘positive change’, not just ‘change’, we hope to see a country moving forward and breaking boundaries. We hope for a country leading the way as the pride of the black race once again. Although this revolutionary election took place somewhere in Africa, West Africa to be precise, inevitably it was felt all over the globe (this displays the uniqueness and significance we have on the world stage). People of all races, cultures and locations kept tabs on the day-to-day analysis and reports coming from the press, the passion was clear but the reason behind this ‘passion’ differed from people to people. Nonetheless, we all showcased patriotic spirit and the desire to be a ‘part’ of our great country Nigeria, this sense of belonging is not something that is felt by citizens of every

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country and as leaders of today we should commend ourselves. The future shines bright for Nigeria. In fact, this is a new Nigeria we see, one with clear directions and the zeal to overcome and prosper. A country where the people know and exercise their rights and one where the citizens are the changes they want to see. I urge everyone to think about how they can be of help to this new Nigeria. Like Abraham Lincoln said “do not think about what your country can do for you, think about what you can do for your country”. You are the future; hence how would you make your mark in our world? What would you do to leave your footprints on the sands of time so that generations ahead can look back and want to be like you? There is no change without an impact the same way there is no movement without motion. Every choice you make could either have a positive or negative effect in life; seek to be a positive impact in your community as the change we so desire starts with you and me. I wondered why this election was so hotly contested with the same intensity as the one in 1999. Then I realized it’s because Nigeria needed to take steps forward, we had been sleeping for too long and here was an opportunity to awake and rise to our pre-destined glory. This we just did when the results indicated that power shifted from PDP to APC. Hence, celebrate and rejoice regardless of the party you are in and join me and chant APC! SAI BABA!! APC!!! SAI BABA!!!! PS: I did notice that the elections have been a great opportunity for people to make money. From printing banners and shirts of political parties to selling ‘gala’ and ‘minerals’ at campaign rallies; entrepreneurs and business men and women capitalized the huge demands of large crowds seeking their products and hence recorded mega profits or should I say, were ‘made’. Goes to show you how industrious the Nigerian people are.