Day 7: Volunteer Action
August 8, 2014
Grand Finale
August 11, 2014

Keynote Speech By David Lewis

Good day, Parents, guardians, and fellow leaders of today and forever. I am honored to have been granted this opportunity to address such an inspiring and diverse audience.
First, I would like to say that you teens here today are not normal teenagers, you guys are a special and rare breed, You stand out from crowds, The spot light is and will be on you for a very long time to come. I myself as a fellow teen would want to be like you. I have seen people read the UVA website and shake their heads and John, my brother can testify to that, I have spoken to people about Days Of Change and they couldn’t comprehend it, not because they were daft or anything, but because they saw no need for it, Days Of Change was not in line with their style of living, it was strange to them but you guys, the superstars of today!! Who understood and rocked Days Of Change I believe you should give yourselves a round of applause, come on let me hear it.
I was introduced to the Unveiling Africa Foundation early in March this year and the reason I am here today addressing you is as a result of the right choice I made deciding to volunteer for this foundation. The right choices could lead to the positive sustainable change we want to see, this is the change that works and is applicable to modern living and society, this change from the right choices can be made at any age and at any stage, this is the change that is stress-free, the change that has no physical price tag attached to it. And what is the right choice? The right choice has been included an age old scripture: Love thy neighbor.
How do you want to change the society or country, if on your own you make decisions based on your personal needs and desires without firstly considering the immediate people around you? How much of a change maker you are depends on your willingness to make the conscious choice to help the people around you. The passion, the drive and the zeal for change would lead you to making the right choices that Nigeria critical needs now, otherwise change will always only exist in our hopes and thoughts but never in our actions and reality. The change Nigeria needs cannot come in seven days because too many people have made the wrong choices when given the spotlight but the experience we teenagers need to feel, the words we need to hear to make the right choices when giving the spotlight can come in less than seven days.
Days Of Change gave me the opportunity to make seven good choices, seven, seven choices that I could never have made on my own without Days Of Change existing and I am glad for that, Days Of Change put me independently on the spot-light, to think for myself and by myself about how I intend to solve pressing issues, to see how well I can lead today since I am the leader of today, to ask myself whether or not, I am a leader that others would like to follow. Forget the nice pictures I posted, forget the beautiful write ups I composed, the real treasure would be to look around and see John, Mubarak, Tumise around me. The real dream would be to know that I do not stand alone on this path to greatness, and that all around me change-makers stand, ready and eager to make the right choices beyond this seven day campaign. Days Of Change caused me to think this way as I sat down and thought about the challenges, thought about why I am here doing these things and have not run off since and travelled with my valedictory set, it is then I realized and saw the true picture, that for Days Of Change it is seven days but for me it is a life long journey to my destiny, a lifestyle and mindset that must be carried on us all as change makers for us to reach our glorious destiny (pause) thank you Days Of Change. Thank you UVA. Thank you change-makers.