Behind the Scenes
August 7, 2014
Day 7: Volunteer Action
August 8, 2014

Day 6: Invest in yourself

In light with the vision for the Days Of change campaign to empower teens with necessary skills, UVA tasked participants to invest in themselves today. The ability to create something is a valid skill which will enable every teen fend for themselves. Teenagers participated by either creating something they can sell or meet with an organization/mentor that will help  scale up their idea.

Neekere Aremu used the opportunity presented to her by the task to finally put into practice what she had been hoping to do for a very long time. She visited a market, bought beads and made simple sets of necklaces and bracelet. “Today was fun. I am really enjoying this. It’s really “tasky” but the joy after can’t be explained. I wish to help promote this organization. It gives a chance for me to know the Real Me”. Okoye Chude Maryanne also tried her hands at bead making as well as hand knitting. She said: “this handwork is considered to be of no use regarding its economic profit value but it sure teaches patience and careful thinking”.

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Afolalu Samuel Adegoke Oluwatoyeen showed off his skills in artistry by drawing a funny comic strip for sale. Adeniji Hannah Busayo decided to postpone her interest in blogging and writing to try her hand on something new: crocheting. She fulfilled the task by crocheting.



Barbados got creative and crafty while Mubarak started a car washing service and was able to get paid!!.

beadCar wash

Thank you to all those who participated today. You are true entrepreneurs! Days of Change is drawing to a close, and we are going to end it with a bang!!! Come and celebrate with us this Saturday as we bring a week of fun and education to a close.

Tomorrow is the last day of the Days of change  campaign 🙁 so let us rally to put in the final effort to finish in style. We look forward to you no doubt intriguing entries. All the best!!!