Day 5: Give back to Mother Nature
August 6, 2014
Day 6: Invest in yourself
August 7, 2014

Behind the Scenes

The participating teenagers have made the Days Of change campaign very lively and engaging. However, some credits should go to the guys behind the scenes, facilitating the daily tasks and challenges. It’s time to look behind the curtain of the campaign, and unveil some of the individuals orchestrating Days Of Change.

photo 4



We start with two of our capable and trusted teenagers. Rosella fondly known as Ada and her “twin” Sheila have been a constant lively presence in the Days of Change work station. They use their childlike grace and imagination to contribute creative ideas for the campaign. They have been particular helpful in the planning and preparation for the Grand Finale. And their role behind the scene does not stop them from posting their daily tasks.

photo 2



Here is our social media expert. Tomi is a lively, multitasking, and hardworking person. She keeps the work station buzzing with her animated gestures and personality. Tomi is responsible for handling twitter and Facebook feeds and also compiling a daily report on the participation.




These are our capable and efficient logisticians. Kitoyi and Jane have been responsible for ensuring we have a successful Grand Finale. From chasing after DJ and printers to facilitating and organizing rehearsals, they have our “on the field” guys. They are practically the frame in which the Grand Finale event is being built around.




This is the brains behind it all. She connects everything and everyone together. If Kitoyi and Jane are the frame, Chizoba is surely the foundation. The work station and everyone around it literally feeds off her energy. Chizoba doesn’t get tired, she only gets livelier. She literally doesn’t sleep, further confirming the myth that she is indeed superhuman.

A big thanks to everyone who has been involved. There are several who haven’t been mentioned here, UVA is extremely grateful for all their efforts. They are truly change-makers!!!
Thank you once again, God will make you all bigger!!!