Day 3: Each One, Teach One
August 4, 2014
Day 5: Give back to Mother Nature
August 6, 2014

Day 4: Health is Wealth

Our participants have been incredible so far. UVA has been receiving amazing posts, tweets and entries and are really excited that teenagers are making the Days of Change campaign a success. Great job to our participating teenagers, keep it up. Capture 3

Today, UVA sought to educate teenagers on the importance of eating healthy and keeping fit. Youths are the today and tomorrow of the nation, therefore we need them strong, healthy and fit. So UVA tasked its participants with three health conscious challenges:

  • Skip sugary drinks for the day and tell us how much sugar you did not have as a result of skipping the drinks.
  • Make a healthy meal and upload a picture of the meal you would be eating for the day and
  • Organize and play a fun sporting activity with a friend.

Neekere Aremu shared her experience today of sugar free and healthy eating day: “Awesome day. Am not feeling heavy. Had to take my tea this morning without sugar. Went for summer classes and I refused to be tempted by the calling coke drink. Had vegetable soup served with wheat for lunch and after I had an apple. Refreshing day. Hungry though,can’t wait for today’s task to end”. Oreoluwa tagged her participation in today’s task as “somebody got me coke, took water instead”.


Somebody gave me coke, I took water instead

John Lewis got busy engaging small kids in his community in a football match. Sharon Gracio Mayas did not let the rainy day dampen her zeal for being healthy. So she decided to stay indoors and stretch her muscles while after a worthwhile work out.


Chidi took advantage of the fine weather in his area, to go for a morning jog, while Barbados decided to eat healthy  :