Day 2: Appreciate your parents/Guardians
August 3, 2014
Day 3: Each One, Teach One
August 4, 2014

You are Invited!!!

It’s been a wonderful few days. The number of responses and participation has been impressive and incredible. On Saturday, we had teens show their patriotic side by sharing 5 things they love most about Nigeria. On Sunday, parents/guardians were honored with gifts, words of love and even home cooked meals. On Monday, participants are being tasked to give back to their community by educating someone else and donating books. Here are few pictures of what’s been done so far:



Teenagers are showing their commitment to making positive change in their communities and the country as a whole. #UVADaysOfChange isn’t just a week set aside for teens to make positive change, but a week to inspire teens everywhere to understand that they have the power to make the change they want to see. In the spirit of inspiration for social change, UVA would like to invite our participating teenagers and parents/guardians everywhere to the #UVADaysOFChange Grand finale. Click here to sign up and download your invite.

A Grand Finale event organized and presented by Unveiling Africa Teenage Ambassadors for #DaysOfChange participants and parents/guardians. At this event, UVA Teen Ambassadors will be discussing the role they believe Nigerian teenagers play in making Nigeria a better place and how exactly they plan to change Nigeria. In addition, they will be discussing what they gained from the UVA Days of Change campaign that is currently running from August 2 – 8, 2014. The power and potential of Nigerian teenagers as leaders capable of transforming Nigeria is exemplified in the ability of these Teen Ambassadors to unite and plan this event.

UVA encourages attending teenagers to come along with their parents/guardian. The day will showcase all the efforts made by our participating teenagers over the 7-day campaign and what parents/guardians can do to support us. This would enable parents understand the power, teenagers hold as young, energetic, and socially-conscious citizens.

So join us on Saturday, 9th of August at Oxbridge Tutorial College, 49 Sobo Arobiodu St Gra, Ikeja Nigeria, view map. Come let’s end the Days of Change campaign in fun, high spirit and grandeur.