You are Invited!!!
August 4, 2014
Day 4: Health is Wealth
August 5, 2014

Day 3: Each One, Teach One

Education is the most powerful weapon which can be used to change the world- Nelson Mandela

Education is the right of every child as agreed in the UN convention on rights of Children, 1989, unfortunately quality education has been limited to the privileged. So it is understandable that this is top on UVA’s priority list of social issues. In light of this, UVA tasked teens to reach out and educate or share a knowledge/skill with someone else. The participants were given the option of either donating a book to someone else or teach something new to someone. This is a way to cultivate a culture of giving back to the community within schools. As expected, we received wonderful and creative entries.

Ayomide Abagun (who has been a superstar in this campaign so far), showed his love for the fine arts: “Art is Life. I believe there is an artist in every soul; it just takes patience and hard work to bring it out”. He decided to share his wonderful skill and knowledge with with his siblings and four other kids. Michael Starboy, the math guru had an effective math lesson to the primary school kids in his street.


Roselie Marian Durueke understands that  “education is our greatest priority. everyday in our lives directly or indirectly, we learn and teach others thereby passing information rapidly”. So she took time out to educate a friend on the deadly Ebola as “the information of Ebola is not just spread to know that it kills but today it was spread to know that it can be prevented“. Christian Ogochukwu Okoye understand s the importance of technology in our everyday life. He performed his task today by teaching some children in the community how to repair simple electrical gadgets so as to allow their parents save money. He was thankful for the opportunity to do such: “All thanks to UVA Foundation for this Great Opportunity to give to my community what God has given to me“. Aimee Chris was very busy today as she taught shared her knowledge about entrepreneurship and how to be self employed. She also shared Tie and Dye materials with friends, which was a very good initiative.


Thanks to everyone who participated today. It was inspiring seeing teenagers excited about giving back to the community in their own little way. Today’s spirit and energy was captured perfectly by Adeniji Hannah Busayo: “Education is all about Learning and Teaching. When you teach, someone learns and you gain more. When you learn you have the ability to teach someone. Learn and Teach. Teach to Learn”.


Tomorrow, it’s all about being fit and healthy. We are eager to see your creative posts and entries. Remember, to get a certificate of participation from UVA, you need to participate in at least 5 days of the campaign. All the best!!!