Day 1: Show Love for Nigeria
August 2, 2014
You are Invited!!!
August 4, 2014

Day 2: Appreciate your parents/Guardians

My parents are the epitome of tender care, sacrifice and pure love- Ayomide Abagun

Days of change continued today with even more enthusiasm from our socially conscious teenage participants. Today we showed appreciation for our loving parents. Parents, who stand by us no matter what, support our endeavors and make sacrifices everyday for us to live a

better life. Participants were tasked to show love and appreciation for their parents in any of three fun ways:

  • Share the awesome things parents have done them on social media.
  • Write an appreciation letter or make an appreciation gift for their parents.
  • Treat their parents to breakfast, lunch or dinner and eat as a family.

Participants shared touching messages about the wonderful things their parents have done for them over the years. Auchi Poly Amebo boasts that his parents “are one of the most amazing people you can find around the world” for all the sacrifices they had made for him. Ayomide Abagun believed no words or gift was enough to express his love, decided to show his appreciation by “prostrating before them (also known as “idobale”) like a well brought up Yoruba and Nigerian boy”.


Respect: Ayomide in “idobale” to his parents

It was also exciting to see our participants getting creative with their messages and gifts to their parents. Poems,


Here comes a really fun part of today’s tasks. Some of our participants took to the kitchen to off their cooking skills. Bukola was one of those participants who showed his love for his mother by cooking rice for his mother.


Thank you so much to all those who took time out to show love and appreciation to their parents. It is important to remind our parents (who always have us in mind), that we also always have them in our minds and heart. Your parents must be very proud to have wonderful kids such as you. Tomorrow things get even more interesting, as we will be tasked to be a teacher (Educate someone Else!!). Hope we are all ready!!

All the best!!!