UVA’s #DaysOfChange is Almost Here !!!
July 30, 2014
Day 2: Appreciate your parents/Guardians
August 3, 2014

Day 1: Show Love for Nigeria

Nigeria over the years has faced so many challenges, but guess what? I LOVE NIGERIA- Karimat Sowemimo

Today marked the launch of the much awaited #DaysOfChange Campaign. Facebook and Twitter were the social hubs for social-change conscious Nigerians to meet, interact, and share thoughts and ideas. Today’s task centered around one central theme: Patriotism. In a country faced by so many challenges, and negative international attention, it was refreshing to know that the youths still had a lot to love about Nigeria. We had diverse Nigerian teens share the five things they love most about their mother nation. There were lots of different and interesting responses to the challenge, but there were certain themes that ran through most responses.


Creativity from Christian Ogochukwu Okoye

Diversity in culture was a key point that ran through a lot of the responses. Participants expressed love for the variety in people, traditions, clothes and food. Stanley Nelson expressed his love for this diversity: “I love Nigeria because it is a country of varieties. You don’t have to adopt a particular style of dressing today; you can dress as an igbo or yoruba, tomorrow as an efik or berom”. Ayomide Abagun was full of love and appreciation for “Our exotic and delicious dishes!” by the way his best dish is “Amala and Egusi + a VERY BIG piece of meat”.


A delicious reason to love Nigeria

Though Nigeria has been unfortunate with man-made disasters and adversities, Mother Nature has been good to us. Most people are grateful for the fact that Nigeria is free from natural disasters such as Tsunamis and earthquakes. Yewande Akeredolu expressed his appreciation by claiming that Nigeria has “Freedom from natural disasters – we’ve not had cases of Earth Quakes, Tornadoes, hurricanes, etc. A lot of participants also are thankful for Mother Nature blessing the nation with excess natural mineral resources.


Lastly, the Nigerian people themselves are seen as a great source of joy for the nation. Optimistic, resilient, creative, and respectful were some of the words used to describe the Nigerian people. Okoye Chude Maryanne says “I love her creative genius. The certainty of any Nigerian to excel in any endeavor even if it’s not praise-worthy, tagging us as corrupts. It is not a good thing but it is a step in direction of intelligence”. David Lewis loves the Nigerian people because “they are a special and wonderful breed even though most of them contradict this”.


Osita Iheme, “PawPaw” showing support for the campaign

It is truly inspiring and encouraging to see Nigerian youth expressing so much love and hope for their motherland. They have given truth to words of David Lewis: “to me Nigeria is a construction site, constructing magnificent masterpieces. A little more time and the beauty and goodness of Nigeria would unfold”.

Thank you to all those who participated today, you all did a great job. Tomorrow, we get to show our love for our parents!!! We are looking forward to even more participation.
Cheers and All the best!!!