Start Now, It’s Never Too Early
July 22, 2014
UVA’s #DaysOfChange is Almost Here !!!
July 30, 2014

What Are You Waiting For?


Making a positive impact in your society is not so difficult but it takes commitment and genuine interest.

Unveiling Africa Foundation has set up an online summer campaign called “#DaysOfChange” from August 2 to August 9 to actively engage unique teenagers in seven different aspects ranging from entrepreneurship to health and fitness. Not all teens are change-makers. This is not a campaign for the simple minded but one for people who care about positive change and want to stand out among the crowd and bring light to wherever they go.

Essentially it’s an online campaign where each day you will be told to do certain activities on social media to show your followers and viewers how creative and how much of a leader you are. Activities such as you sharing five things you love about Nigeria to you watching the news and taking a picture of yourself doing so, posting it on social media and telling your friends what you have gained.

The change Nigeria needs cannot happen with youth in just these seven days, but it starts somewhere and it’s starting with you awesome teenagers. By participating in this campaign you will get to engage in areas that invoke you to pour out your hearts, minds, and energy to finding solutions to a societal problem.

The journey towards long-lasting change certainly is not a short one but that’s why Unveiling Africa exists; to help guide and mold unique leaders like you by giving you all the emotional support you need to positively develop your mind and achieve your goals. Things only work out best for those who can make the best of how things work, but not for those who complain or over-criticize and over-analyze the facts and figures of things.

#DaysOfChange is not just for any teenager out there, it’s for innovators, pioneers, future presidents, future senators and ministers as well as patriotic Nigerian teens who love leadership and embrace and promote positive change.

If you believe that you are a leader that others should want to follow, then what are you waiting for? #DaysOfChange is designed and created for people like you, hurry up and sign up! Past and current head boys, head girls and prefects, here is a chance to show your classmates and friends that the elections were not rigged and that you are a better leader than they think you are, hurry up and sign up! Exciting prizes and scholarships await gifted people who sign up and excel better than others as your great works would be publicly displayed and noticed.

Written by David Lewis, a 2014 graduate of Grange Secondary School